To express their satisfaction or experiences with the company Scandi Haus, Ltd., but do not know how? Rate us at Facebook or Google. Let us know what you are happy with and what we can improve for your maximum comfort in a new low-energy housing.

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To add a review on Facebook

Join our satisfied customers and rate our work and through social media.

– (1) go to the Facebook page Scandi Haus SK, Ltd.
– (2) the left side of your Facebook page below to come to the ‘Reviews’
– (3) click on the arrow mark (see. below)
– (4) then redirects you to the reviews
– (5) in the “My review” choose the number of stars, expressing satisfaction and then to pop-up windows to write a comment
– (6) leave the post as “Public” and press “Done”


To add a review on Google

– (1) go to www.google.com
– (2) give the search for “scandihaus”
– (3) in the right part of the tab displays the results in Scandi Haus SK, Ltd.
– (4) click on “Write a review”
– (5) subsequent to the pop-up window, leave a comment and select the number of stars, expressing satisfaction
– (6) press “Publish”


You can also download PDF version instructions to add experiences to our company.