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Scandi Haus SK Ltd. operates in a market with low energy prefabricated homes for several years. We mainly focus on the complete implementation of turnkey home, but we also supply the single gross structural system, if the customer wishes to complete a self-help house. We always offer the best quality at an affordable price. Many of our satisfied customers is proof of that.



offers you services in the area of housing land purchase, choosing a house of our projects, or of your choice to build your new dream homes. We will build a house for exceptional energy-saving, highly affordable material that is already in Slovakia is becoming well recognized as abroad.


– we will relieve you from high energy bills, without you it was cold
– we guarantee millions of satisfied customers with this type of construction around the world in recent years but also in Slovakia and the Czech Republic
– the possibility of using available natural energy sources that are almost free (heat recovery ventilation, solar systems, etc.)
– healthy ecological living, still fresh air in the house
– yes, you can afford it…

As the only company in the Slovak Republic have certification CE 1301 for SIP technology that we use.



Buildings are realized by exclusive importer for Czech Republic – company Scandi Haus SK, Ltd.


We are looking for construction companies to cooperate in Slovakia and the Czech Republic at a very favorable price. If interested, please contact us.



is to offer fast, high quality, efficient and above all affordable housing in their own FAMILY HOUSE.
We specialize in building system SIP (Structural Insulated Panel), which is used worldwide for 40 years (80% in Canada and in the USA 65% of all houses are built this unique technology).



About the wooden constructions circulates many rumors that they are doing them the wrong card. We will gradually try to disprove them one by one in the following sections.

…in WOODEN HOUSE is poor sound insulation…

The problem lies in the wrong technological approaches or so. “Thin wall”. The basis for the structural design of the ceiling so that it is strong enough to Non sagging under load. Furthermore, the ceiling structure inserted into flexible materials based on mineral, glass or wood fiber that footfall be decided by the attenuation. For high above standard requirements can be incorporated into the design of the ceiling and a cast concrete slab or concrete pavement. The floor of the second floor is realized as “floating”. Loosely boards without them firmly to the basic design of the ceiling break off acoustic bridges.

…lifetime of WOODEN HOUSE is significantly lower than brick house…

Wooden buildings can withstand the same thing you expect from a brick house. Issues every building does not design life, but so. moral obsolescence. Accelerating pace of life, technological progress, but also social changes required every 15 to 20 years to carry out the reconstruction of the house.
As an example that even Albert Einstein in 1925, built its headquarters in Germany, just as the panel wooden constructions. The house still stands today.

…in WOODEN HOUSES are molds…

The issue of mold is caused by poor design, poor design or improper use of the building. Mold appear mostly due to low surface temperatures interior walls. Technology structural insulated panels SIP these ailments appear. Poor or missing insulation in the walls are not in a “sandwich” technology possible because polystyrene insulation core is a fundamental part of the panel without the correct execution of the insulating core by the panel could not produce. Moreover, we add also the outer insulation.

…fire resistance of WOODEN HOUSE is compared to a brick house zero…

Each technology for the construction of brick houses and wooden houses of assembly must pass the certification according to the Law on technical requirements for products. These conditions provide safety against the fire risk. The planned construction project must also include fire management, without which an investor would ever get planning permission.
In the case of prefabricated constructions meet fire prevention measures alone “sandwich system”. In addition to specially adapted OSB constituent flame retardant polystyrene core panel, interior panels and of course the compact insulation system and facade.

…WOODEN HOUSE is in the case of natural disasters unstable…

Houses built technology of SIP panels, which suffered natural disasters, remained standing almost no damage. It’s the construction of the panels, so rigid insulating core on both sides and across the board pasting OSB board. The strength characteristics of the panels, together with special connections that are performed by gluing in combination with the clips or bolts, give this type of construction famed strength and rigidity despite the relatively low dead weight.

Interestingly: After floods in the Czech Republic in 2010 spol. EUROPANEL had the opportunity to assess three houses built of Europanel that were flooded to a height of about 120 cm. Water is ever gotten into panels. Facade with thermal insulation system ETICS were practically damaged. The owners were removed from the walls in the interior soaked drywall and then measured moisture foundation sleepers. After about two to three weeks decreased humidity of the frame from the original 56% to 20%, and there is a correction to interiors.

…WOODEN HOUSE invading rodents and insects…

Houses build from technology of SIP panels, are not attractive to rodents and insects because the foam padding for them indigestible.


What have we achieved?

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Model in our relatively new building system technology has become the Structural insulated panels (SIP) originating in the USA tested sixty years of use. On its base it was created a building system used in our wooden houses, which has been certified according to the Czech legislation and harmonized European standards. SIP panels are prefabricated, versatile, simple and high quality building systems for the realization of wooden buildings.


is a high quality wooden board, which consists of 3 layers. These layers are oriented perpendicularly to each other. The upper and lower layer chips are stored in the machine direction and the intermediate layer (core) is placed in the transverse direction ...

Properties of OSB board

- good thermal resistance
- large formats allow for few connections and thus fewer acoustic and thermal losees
- resistance of fire

SIP panel composition:



as a material perhaps we do not even have an introduce. Its properties knows almost everyone and is commonly used in the construction industry. Cell polystyrene in its closed structure not absorb almost no water ...

Properties of polystyrene

- waterproof
- excellent thermal insulation properties
- fire safety
- simple and safe manipulation


We try to go with the times and therefore the implementation of our buildings we use the most modern technology at the most reasonable prices. The following facilities are included in a standard turnkey house.

Recuperation is a device designed for ventilation with a minimum loss of heat. The system works on the basis of a heat exchanger by the heat of the exhaust air is taken where it accumulates in them, and transfers it to the fresh air supplied to the interior of the outside, minimizing the heat loss, which arose from the need for the supply of fresh air is heated to the desired temperature. Thus, there is no quenching effect in the interior than normal ventilation windows.

General benefits of recovery

Addition recovery works even in summer just as effectively in conjunction with ground collector provides cool intake air at a temperature of about + 12 ° C which means that one fan with a consumption of 3 W power we can to condition the whole house almost for free.

The system is also equipped with special filtration effective, which can capture dust, dirt and pollen, which can penetrate into the interior windows, so it is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Using LED bulbs in the households will reduce he cost of lighting your home by up to 90 %.

General advantages of LED lighting

LED technology has become a symbol of the 21st century. Finds use in many technical and artistic fields, and also in home lighting, mainly due to its advantages such as low power consumption (min. 10 times lower), high efficiency (90 % of the electrical energy is transformed into light energy incandescent bulbs only the 3 and 5 %), long life (up to 50 000 hours).

The solar collector is a device for converting solar energy into heat. The sun’s heat warms the black surface of the collector. Energy transfer to the tube with the liquid takes place at a very long distance, and consequently the problems of heat exchange at low densities, and varying the flow of energy. For the area of the Slovak Republic’s total period of sunshine, that is no clouds, 1600 – 2001 hours per year.

General advantages of solar collectors

  • Solar collectors operate without electricity
  • Reducing the cost of hot water up to 75 %
  • Lower heating costs up to 40 %
  • Long service life of collectors – about 30 years
  • The use at lower outdoor temperatures
  • Property assessment through the collector
  • Solar collectors are able urdžať hot water up to 75 hours

Advantages of vacuum tube collectors

Vacuum tube collectors produce energy and diffused (indirect) sunlight. On the surface absorption tube hitting the sun’s rays throughout the day vertically, and so will transform the maximum amount of solar radiation into heat energy and the law in this vacuum tube collectors have no competition in the market. Vacuum insulation layer prevents the collector cooling collector wind or other weather conditions, therefore this type of collector operates with maximum gain and minimum loss.


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