Why choose a prefabricated house?

Turnkey houses already are nothing new in the market for construction of houses. Still is not much information available on this type of building.

Compared to classical brick house are assembled turnkey several benefits. The first benefit is the time saved, here we can speak of saved years of waiting for their own dream housing. Low-energy houses are characterized by a rapid process construction of the roof. In addition to the normal procedures for dealing with base plate, the structure and the roof build fairly quickly. The circuit of the house is built on the SIA, the panels that are produced by sandwich method. Advantage of SIP panels is mandatory certification.
Prefabricated houses key is also characterized by low power consumption. Excluding building materials, reduce energy consumption and solar collectors and recuperation to noticeably reduce ventilation heat loss especially in winter. Another benefit is already by name – house key – the construction, which the company will build a forward has finished housing.

Why prefabricated house

Relatively important factor is the price. Prefabricated house is usually a cheaper option than classic brick house. If you want to live almost immediately, there is no better solution than just construction of low-energy prefabricated houses.

His life is guaranteed for decades, with adequate care we can speak of centuries. The construction of the house key is the ability to obtain complete project documentation completely free, saving hundreds of euros.

Construction of prefabricated houses does not pollute the environment. The house is built to order from SIP panels, which are mainly of natural origin. All materials are of course fully certified and highest quality. Thanks OSB on all the walls on both sides again gives prefabricated bungalow stability least equal to the brick house.

The key to the house there is no reason to worry about the hassle of financing, Currently offered by banks already thinks of mortgage loans for prefabricated houses.