Recuperation is a device designed for ventilation with minimal loss of heat. The system works on the basis of a heat exchanger by the exhaust air removes heat or be in itself accumulates and transfers it to the fresh air supply of the external environment to the interior, to minimize heat loss, which arose from the need for the supply of fresh air is heated to the desired temperature. Thus, there is no quenching effect in the interior than normal ventilation windows.

Generally preferred of Recuperation

Addition Recuperation works even in summer just as effectively in conjunction with ground collector provides cool intake air at a temperature of about 12 ° C which means that a fan with a consumption of about 3 W power we can to condition the whole house almost for free.

The system is also equipped with special formula filtering that can capture dust, dirt and pollen, which the interior could penetrate the windows, so it is mainly suitable for allergy sufferers.


Modern regenerative drive

At Scandi Haus SK Ltd. We try to go with the times in the implementation of low-energy prefabricated houses to order. For this reason we install into houses to order the latest model of regenerative power supply units in designs SINGLE ROOM system.


The design of the regenerative power supply units

They consist of a telescopic air duct with adjustable length, ventilation units, mounting plate and external ventilation hood (hood).

The inner part of the pipe consists of two filters and ceramic energy accumulator (regenerator).



Modern grid ventilation systems are designed today so that it fits into any interior. Most of the ventilation unit is equipped with automatic blinds. Interior trim grille is provided with an insulating layer of sound damping.

Ceramic accumulator

High-quality ceramic energy accumulator with regenerative efficiency up to 90% is used for the warm exhaust air. Due to its cellular structure, unique accumulator with bigger contact patch, hot isolation and storage properties.

The ceramic has a special energy store antibacterial adjustment, to prevent the formation of bacteria therein. Antibacterial coating is designed for 10 years of operation. The inner wall of the battery is lined with heat-insulating material, which ensures sealing.

The mounting plate

To facilitate the recovery operation of the fan is equipped with a mounting plate, filters and battery. The ventilation unit is attached to the mounting plate with special magnets and contact zásuvok.

Reverse fan

Air is drawn or sucked reversible axial fans with EC motors. (EC – electronically commutated) Thanks to technology EC fans are characterized by low power consumption. The fan is powered by a safe voltage of 12 V. The motor has integrated overheating protection and ball bearings for long life.


To clean the inlet and contributions flow of air filters are used. Filters ensure clean air from dust dirt and insects. Their next task is to prevent pollution of the fan. The filters can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or by flushing with water without losing antibacterial effects.

Outdoor ventilation extractor

Specially designed outer cover allows removal of air flow and extract condensate, which is generated in the external ventilation hood.

Moreover, the external vent Extractor prevent water and foreign matter into the fan. From inside it is covered with insulation material that absorbs the egress of sound from the street into the room through the fan while preventing condensation. The outer housing is a polymeric alumina fibers.

Power Cable

Recovery can be powered through the inserted wires in the mains electricity grids. If more items is used it is appropriate to join the same network, the power cords can be directly integrated in the network.

The ventilation system is based on heat recovery units

Single room system is to install a fan in rooms where one recovery unit is installed in each room.