Mortgage for prefabricated houses

Passive houses are at present trends, particularly in terms of their modesty construction on time and affordability. In a few months the house is built, and as a bonus, we also offer an ambulance, solar collectors, heat recovery ventilation and household items. Despite prejudices you can arrange a mortgage for a prefabricated house, even in full.

Prefab homes are increasingly popular among applicants for housing and especially the houses. Turnkey requires a specific funding. During the construction of the classic brick building it has gradually finance the construction of the necessity of registration of uncompleted construction in the land. Stacy perimeter walls to a height of one meter.

Prefabricated houses and buildings are contested from the roof. After the initial building design addresses the roof and the final step is to cladding, and therefore exterior walls. At present, this trend accommodate the Slovak Savings Bank. VUB Bank originally provided mortgage loans for prefabricated houses, but suspended the financing of such projects following a change in legislation.

Slovak Savings Bank currently provides provides home loan or a mortgage for young people. The advantage is the possibility of obtaining the full amount. The loan amount depends on the value of collateral. Sberbank provides consumer loans of up to € 25,000 to bridge the period necessary and ensure uncompleted construction to subsequent acquisition of the mortgage loan.

Model credit financing for a prefabricated house

5 % signing contract work
20 % of initial site preparation to the base plate and panel production
10 % completion of the base plate
25 % of the initial installation and panel trucks
20 % of the construction site, the completion of the roof and windows
15 % of wiring, electrical, gas, water and heating
5 % closure construction and signing the handover protocol


Source: [23. 05. 2015]