House key

House key or so. low-energy house is a modern housing solution, which significantly reduces the level of power consumption. Currently, the construction categorizes the classic, low energy and passive by the total consumption, which is given in kW per hour.

Energy consumption influences:

• heating
• hot water
• Interior fittings house
• wash
• insulation and thermal bridges
• method of ventilation
• Materials used in the construction of the house


Building energy management

Currently, the preferred construction of low-energy houses that meet the threshold energy label Class A to B.

Categories buildings:

• Standard building (100-300 kWh / m2)
• Energy-efficient house (70 kWh / m2)
• low-energy house (50 kWh / m2)
• Passive house (15 kWh / m2)
• Zero house (up to 5 kWh / m2)
• the positive house (a building that produces more energy than it consumes)


The advantages of low-energy house

When compared to the same dimensions (150 m2) house older buildings consume 27,000 kWh, new house 15,000 kWh in a low-energy house consumes 2500-7500 kWh.

• Low power consumption
• financial savings
• environmental benefits
• advantage in case of price increases in energy prices
• Thermal comfort
• shorter heating season
• Protection against noise
• Energy security and independence
• increase usable space
• quick construction dry process
• Long life construction